7 ideas for writing an essay

Let’s go through 7 tips on how to write an essay for your dreamed A+. We are grateful to the service essaybasics for providing them.

#1 Always start early and stick to a timeplan

To ward-off procrastination, plan to start early. To beat your submission deadline, you must have a schedule for writing your essay. Avoid the last minute rush by taking time to read to read through the sources. You can start anywhere, and start and later return to put everything together. Starting early leaves you with enough time to proofread and make necessary corrections. Remember that an essay is an academic paper which must be turned in early and any time wasted will negatively impact on your essay quality and hence your final grade.

#2 Understand the question and get organized

Do not start writing without understanding the question. First grasp the essay question and then prepare to start writing. Remember, you will fail if you write a brilliant essay that does not answer the question. Take time to review the question, noting word such as explore, evaluate, compare, and critically discuss among others. Next, organize yourself by getting all the necessary and relevant material. Conducting a background research will be helpful.

#3 Document all quotations and be sure to use examples

When you start writing, make sure to document all direct quotations. Ensure that proper referencing is done whenever you use borrowed ideas. Ensure that you do not pass other peoples words, phrases and arguments as your own without correct attribution.

#4 Write your first draft

Start writing your first draft in any order. Just get started anywhere. You can start with the body and do the introduction later. Write without paying special attention to your style, grammar or essay structure. Write your first draft and ensure that you have exhausted all the key points.

#5 Write and re-write as many drafts as possible

Start editing your first draft. Organizes your ideas and ensure that there is coherency and that there is a seamless flow between ideas. Next, plug your quotations into your essay while ensuring that you keep track of the source. Constantly keep track of the word count to ensure that you stay within the specified word limits.

#6 Work on your essay presentation

Presentation is an important that involves editing and formatting your paper to ensure that it fully adheres to your course rubric specifications. Check for sentence structure, spacing and other typos that could reduce your marks.

#7 Check your paper for plagiarism

No that you have your final draft ready, it would be prudent to check it for plagiarism. You can accomplish this by submitting your paper to turnitin. Use the plagiarism report obtained to edit your paper. Finally, get your final essay ready for final submission.




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