Join Mensa

To join Mensa you need to qualify in the official, supervised Mensa Test. The Tests are conducted by Mensa Mumbai Proctors and evaluated by the National Mensa Supervisory Psychologists. An aspirant does not need to prepare for a Test, as it is aimed at gauging your raw intelligence only.


Mensa Tests at Mumbai are usually conducted on a monthly schedule, on the third Sunday of the month. To register for the next test, please register yourself on the following page –

Your registration shall be confirmed, through email, 3-4 days before the Test date. Please note that the above schedule is subject to sufficient registrations for a Test. If there are less than 10 registrations in any month, then the Mensa Test for the month shall be cancelled and the existing registrations shall be shifted to the next month.

Please also note that, in order to curb false registrations, persons who fail to turn up for the Mensa Test after confirmation of their registration, may be not be allowed to appear for Mensa Tests for the next 06 months.

Upcoming Mensa Test

Next Test Date: Sunday, 18th Nov, 2018

Time: 11.00 am  to 12.00 am (Please report latest by 10.45. Admission is strictly on first come first served basis)

Testing Fees: Rs.600/- to be paid at the venue. Kindly pay the exact amount in cash.

Venue: GMES High School, Parle Tilak Vidyala Road, Near Siddhartha Society, Off Hanuman Road, Paranjape Nagar, Vile Parle, Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400 057.


  • What do I bring along?
    The fee amount of Rs.600/-
    1 recent ID card size photograph with the name and date of birth written on the reverse side
    1 original Photo identification proof (School / College id card is also accepted)
    At least two pencils, an eraser and a blue ball point pen
    Do not carry a calculator or writing pad as the same are not required
  • What not to carry?
    No bags, papers, pencil boxes, mobile phones, calculators, any electronic devices, or any other items not specifically mentioned above are allowed inside the Testing room. Candidates shall be responsible for the safe keeping of any such items being carried by them.
  • Is there an age qualification?
    Yes. A candidate must be at least 14 years old on the date of the Test conducted by Mensa Mumbai.
    Tests for children aged between 10-14 years of age are conducted separately at Pune. As a matter of policy, Mensa India does not presently test children younger than 10 years.
  • What is the kind of Test and how long will it last?
    It is a non-verbal Test with multiple choice answers. It shall last about 60 minutes.
  • How and when shall I get the Test results?
    The results are ordinarily emailed to the id provided by you within 6-8 weeks from the Test date.
  • Do the Test results provide my raw IQ score?
    The Test results do not provide your raw IQ score. The results provide the percentile in which you are placed based on your score in the Test. Candidates who are placed in the 98th percentile or above are invited to join Mensa India.
  • If I do not qualify in the Test, can I appear again?
    Candidates who do not qualify in a Test can appear again for the Tests only after a gap of 01 year. This is applicable all across Mensa India, and a candidate who has appeared for a Test anywhere in India can appear again, at the same or any other centre, only after a gap of 01 year. Please carry a copy of your previous Test results, at your next Test.
  • Can a Mensa Test be conducted in my school / college?
    Mensa Tests can be conducted at your school / college, especially for your school / college students. Please email us at for additional details.
  • How do I contact Mensa Mumbai for any additional queries?
    Please email all your queries to All emails are replied to by volunteers, in due course. Please note that we do not have any Landline / Mobile no.