Project Dhruv

Project Dhruv is the Underprivileged Gifted Child Identification and Nurturing Program started by Mensa India (Delhi). On the basis of the 2011 census we estimate that there are about 6 million underprivileged gifted children in India’s rural areas whose intelligence is at the ‘extremely high’ level. In the normal course, their genius is likely to remain unrecognized and under-utilized. This would be a major waste of the nation’s intellectual resources. In a path-breaking nation-building project, we, in Mensa India (Delhi) have initiated Project Dhruv with the objective of identifying and mentoring as many of these underprivileged geniuses as we can.

As a part of our Project, Indigo Airlines have sponsored 100 extremely bright children to celebrate the arrival of their 100th Airbus. This is designated the 6E Scholar Program. Another foundation has sponsored two children. We have just finished identifying these 102 gifted children.

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